Miss Ellie’s mission is to make Remarkably Romantic Jewels that weather the test of time. Antiquities of Tomorrow.

Ellie Mathias founded her namesake jewelry line in 2007. The Tennessee-born designer’s love affair with art and fashion began at the ripe age of four when she started collecting vintage jewelry. After a high school apprenticeship with a gold master, Ellie earned her BFA at Washington University in St. Louis. Then she packed her bags and moved to New York City to work in different studios & learn the ropes. Ellie is married to John Mathias, who is also an artist painter/musician. He helped her start the company out of their Brooklyn apartment and continues to build the business with her. Today an old Victorian house on the Jersey Shore is home to their creative family and a growing cottage industry; selling to department stores, catalogs, boutiques and antique shops nationwide.

Everything in this collection is proudly made in New York City. Miss Ellie believes that buying vintage and/or American is the best way to support our environment and our community. She uses USA-made parts & raw materials: composed of brass filigree, baroque pearls, silver birds, vintage vines, and etched lockets, all pre-tarnished to perfection. Combining rare old stock with top quality materials allows Ellie to make unique limited editions.

Miss Ellie’s accessories are tomorrow’s heirlooms. A mermaid’s treasure that you may discover one day, washed upon the shore...